Fast-paced multiplayer cross-platform
3D Internet space combat

November 2001: Parsec LAN-Test bug-fix update for Win32, MacOS, MacOS X, and Linux!
September 2001: New Parsec LAN-Test released for Win32, MacOS, MacOS X, and Linux!

Open Parsec Gets New Life

Feb. 09, 2012 -- As I find myself writing this entry on, I can't believe this is happening. Nearly 9 years after the release of the source code by its original creators, there are noticable things going on at the Source Forge Project page. I'm Jason, (AKA: Uber Linux Guy.) I've worked on the Open Parsec code off and on ever since the code was released. And although I am not one of the original creators, I do have a passion to see this game complete. I had gone so far as to spool up an SVN repository on my personal server along with a mailing list for anyone that wanted to help, mostly because the SF Project page fizzled and the original creators all moved on to bigger and better things. (And rightfully so.)

Recently, after being away from the code for a couple of years again, due mostly to work, I received an email to the list on my personal server from Phil Spencer. Phil's interest in the game and his email inspired me to get back into things. We've been twiddling with the code here and there for about a month now, and after an email to the Open Parsec Fathers, they were kind enough to allow me Project Admin rights to take up the reigns on the SF page.

Being someone who doesn't like to let others down, and now with the power to help make things happen, I am making the call to all those developers out there who have stumbled across this work of gaming art and always wanted to see it to completion. Please join us on the Source Forge Project page, throw your development skills into the ring, and let's see if we can get a fully functional Internet version of the game out before the 10th anniversary of the Open Source Release of Parsec.

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."

-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

Parsec Open Source project started!

May 5, 2003 -- As promised earlier, we are now releasing the Parsec source code to the public. This release includes support for Win32, Mac OS X, and Linux, with both the OpenGL and the Glide rendering code.
It is however work-in-progress, and not suitable for end-users. This is purely a developer release, and therefore some things are broken, incomplete or just plain missing. If you just want to play Parsec you will need to wait a bit longer. Compiling this release will not yield the long awaited Parsec Internet version.

The source code is released under the GNU General Public License.
Interested developers can join us at the OpenParsec Sourceforge project, by picking up the source from the CVS server.
There's also a new mailing list available to allow discussion and coordination of the development effort.

Please note that although the entire OpenParsec source is licensed under the GPL, this does not apply to the binary data and earlier Parsec distributions. They are still under the original license, i.e., Parsec's artwork, music, sound effects, and other binary data are still restricted to non-commercial use.

We hope that this will become an exciting new chapter in the story of Parsec's development.

The Parsec Project

Parsec is a fast-paced non-commercial network space-shooter that has been in development for several years. It started out in 1996 as a lab project at the Vienna University of Technology, but has transcended its original roots to become what we would like to refer to as commercial-quality freeware (CQF).

The major releases of Parsec up to now were several versions of the Parsec LAN-Test, which were intended to enable players to get a glimpse of the current state of Parsec's development. These releases support Win32, MacOS, MacOS X, and Linux platforms, and 3D hardware acceleration through OpenGL and Glide (for the old 3dfx boards).

The Parsec Project, a term we also use to refer to the people behind Parsec, is the team of game developers that has been working on Parsec since 1996 until the open source release in May 2003.

Since May 2003, Parsec is an open community project striving toward a Parsec release that also includes Internet game play. The members of the original Parsec Project are dedicating their work to the Parsec community, and hoping that the open source version of Parsec will bring lots of fun to even more people around the globe!

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